About Us

An Update on our Products

Fridge Jerky LLC is a brand new De Pere, WI based corporation undergoing all necessary licensing requirements. We're anxious to make our flavors available for sale!

In the meantime, if you'd like to sign up for samples, you can do so below! 

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Our Story

Who wants boring anymore? Not us! We're a Wisconsin based small craft jerky company disrupting status quo beef jerky. We've spent years crafting and perfecting our recipes. Friends and family love it - we're sure you've never had jerky like this before!

Our uniqueness lies in refrigerator stored jerky, hence our name Fridge Jerky.

Raised in Door County, Wisconsin, our founder Kelly is the flavor innovator. Stemming from childhood memories of open campfire grilling, Kelly vowed to recreate and share these incredible moments through her creations.

Experience the difference in flavor and moisture with Fridge Jerky.

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